iWant Smart POS

Sell All Your Products at Markets or In-stores Without Any Hassle!

With iWant Smart POS you can now sell your products and process any payments on any required device. The good news is you don’t have to spend time managing data and just concentrate on sales. iWant will provide you the complete Point of Sales solution for your retail business with end-to-end hardware, software, market place Integration, customer care and loyalty benefits.


Systematize Customer Lifecycle Management

  • Systematically manage complete customer lifecycle
  • Synchronize and track visiting users with their order history
  • Handle customer registrations, device and identity management
  • Organize customer profiles and shopping preferences
  • Assistance in publishing customer profiles in CRM and external systems

End-to-End B2C Retail Merchandizing

  • Assists in creating retail business profiles
  • Define and manage product and service portfolio
  • Update product pricing, payment and delivery preferences
  • Handle both online and offline inquiries
  • Connect revenue management to financial accounting

Swiftly Organize Products, Services and Promotions

  • Define promotion and offer policies for the customers
  • Have product, time and location based voucher generation access
  • Maintain voucher inventory and promotional offer catalogues
  • Manage entire sales and redemption processes

Convert Shoppers in to Repeat Customers by Loyalty Programs

  • Define product and services based discount packages
  • Reward your customers with transaction based programs
  • Manage cashback and referral bonus for customers
  • Have voucher exchange and redemption options
  • Set alerts and notifications for expiry and renewals

Timely Manage Queues, Reservations and Appointment Bookings

  • Manage service provider registrations, customers and visitor profiles
  • Improved access to business users and in managing their access rights
  • Handle resource pool with professionals, tables, counters and rooms
  • Define resources calendar, availability, manage transaction policies
  • Easy publishing of resources catalogues
  • Timely handle reviews, ratings and feedbacks

Easy Input of products and Selection of Items and Billing

  • Input the items manufactured or procured through QR Code, BAR Code, Product serial number
  • Detailed specification of items
  • Selection of items as per customer order from list of items in inventory (Primary and Secondary)
  • Deductions of discounts and applied benefits from Total value
  • Preparation of Final Invoice in customizable bill formats and Printing feature
  • Integrated 3rd party Payment methods using Credit, Debit Card payment POS
  • Currency wise and Denomination wise Calculation of Cash in Drawer
  • Single and Multi Currency support
  • Multilanguage support (as per request)

Effective and Efficient Inventory Management

  • Record Input of ready Products
  • Real time management of Inventory after every transaction or sales.
  • Manage individual store wise inventory or central Inventory for multi branches.
  • Notifications as per Reorder level of individual products

Integrated Broadcasting and Inquiry Platform

  • Define the product and services strategy
  • Get service provider registrations and profile management
  • Access to requirements and quotation modeling
  • Integration with any platform like iWant or online Business Directory or Trading portals (Justdial, Indiamart, etc.)

Real Time Sales and Multi Branch Flexibility Register Management

  • Automatic Updating of Sales Register after each Invoicing
  • Maintain Sales Register for individual Branch or store.
  • Maintain Sales Register for Multiple Branches
  • View Sales Register as per Individual Branch or for multi Branch Sales on Daily and Monthly basis

Streamline Charging, Billing and Subscription Management

  • Create subscriptions and charging policies
  • Handle different invoice delivery channels and partners
  • Modernize revenue management
  • Update different staff and access rights

Benefits of your own Smart POS

  • Quick information updates and specifications enable better business growth
  • Effortless management of multiple branches through centralized access
  • No problems in managing multi-currency transactions
  • Retain loyal customers by enabling discounts and offers
  • Improve business by evaluating it with analytical reports and charts
  • Modernize revenue management
  • Have notifications and reminders to track activities
  • Update different staff and access rights

Deployment Model

The POS solution can be deployed on both cloud as well as on premise models.

Focused Industries

All types of banks, healthcare centers, restaurants, government, events, aviation, railway and different consumer services.