Customized Mobile App Development

iWant Technologies is the end-to-end solution provider involved starting from mobile strategy creation to mobile application design and development. We offer multipurpose and adaptable application development services for diversified clients. Efficient workflow, innovative designs, proper navigation, customized and personalized app development services are the key differentiating factors. We build an exclusive mobile user experience for our client ele, play a crucial role in transforming their business and taking them to new heights.

At iWant Technologies, we believe that building a mobile application is not the end of an all-inclusive mobile strategy, but the first step taken towards a business goal. Hence, we bring innovative apps that empower people and their day-to-day activities.



Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Maintaining track of customers across marketing, sales and support stages is getting harder and harder with every single day. Our wide-ranging experience across different industries can assist your organization’s requirements to transform your CRM programs, through which you can drive your client acquisition, retention and new business opportunities.

Companies must implement the optimal CRM systems for their business and align their employees with customer relationship processes. iWant’s CRM practice keeps up with substantial experience implementing CRM services. We can assist your company on a wide range of CRM priorities, starting from marketing automation to sales management to customer support and services.

IT Consulting Services

Business environment for organizations is increasingly getting multifaceted. Businesses are comprehending to value the improved partnership between IT and Business to respond to the dynamically changing market dynamics. iWant IT Consulting services assist you in driving growth by transforming your business processes and software infrastructure.

We emphasize on improving the IT and business orientation of your organization by implementing innovative strategies, defining steady progressions, building architecture and setting-up performance parameters. We can help you increase business effectiveness, diminish costs and boost results.