What is iWant app all about? How will it benefit me?

What is iWant app all about? How will it benefit me?


iWant app is an initiation to assist people reach the right blood donor at the right time. It instantly connects large pool of blood donors with those who are in dire need of blood for their near and dear ones.

How will the iWant app benefit a common man like me?

Effortless Access with just One-click

Anyone can effortlessly register to the iWant app with his mobile number in just one step and join the network. The app connects to match potential donors centered on GPS location and least distance route by road criteria. It is quite smoother with the user experience and can be operated by any type of user irrespective of age, qualification or occupation. The users on this platform will be able to use the app with just One-click.

Faster Connect to User Profiles & Blood Requirements

The users can keep posted their profiles with the details. They can give and view feedback ratings of required users, view contributions and request scores of other users. The notifications help getting alerts for new blood requirements, requirement acceptance and its expiry.

Detailed Dashboard to View Updated Requirements

The app will be power-driven with a detailed dashboard to sight latest requirements, pathway new user requirements and the contributions. The application will work on real time visiting location as an alternative of home/office location to ensure concentrated coverage of users to work for the needed requirements.

Necessary Information & Right Knowledge about Blood Donation

Blood donation FAQ’s with blood compatibility charts will be offered through the app as per necessary medical criterions. Informative articles on blood donation will be presented and posted. Spam filtering, security of data and post archival will be strictly taken care.

Rest Assured – Performance will not be an Issue

The application will work over proprietary protocol to safeguard marginal data usage and swift response. Access to optimal battery usage and minimal resource consumption will really help the users.

Stay Connected with 24 x 7 Support

24 x 7 support Centre with secure toll free numbers will be taken care to make sure 360-degree reliability of the platform.

Why iWant app?

  • First time ever an end-to-end solution to simplify the complex search to find right blood donors
  • Supple and Easy platform to use!
  • Decide on to whom and where you want to contribute
  • Highly secure platform to sustain privacy and data security
  • Track your request and take correct decisions

Keep Contributing! Keep Connecting!

We will request you to contribute, use and donate blood through this technology. It is a sensitive technology to connect you to people in dire need of blood. This platform will connect you with the right blood donors. Please monitor your requests and stay updated with the right knowledge sharing.

Last but not the least we request you to spread the word. Share requests in your network. Support us by equally contributing to make this campaign and the application successful.

About iWant

iWant brings innovative technology solutions to make life of humans easier. With plethora of services in roadmap, we launch our first innovation and contribution to society through the iWant mobile application.